Imagine Something Better

It starts with an idea to meet a need, to solve a problem, to overcome a challenge, to improve upon the status quo, to reach beyond the ordinary, to realize a dream. Then comes the part where the world of ideas meets everyday life. All these ideas we have are very abstract and subjective. How can we bring these ideas into reality and accomplish these goals and objectives in the real world? Here is where design can help.

The Power of Imagination

The big picture thinking that we need to solve the greatest challenges that we are facing at this moment in time.

“There is a terrible misconception in school that when we take art that we are teaching people to draw. What we are really doing is teaching people to see. That’s the important function. That’s why I think it is tragic when school funding gets cut, they cut out the art. To be creative, we must choose something that is really hard, that we might fail at, and have failed at; then we’re more likely to come up with something that is fresh and different.”

— Ed Catmull, Pixar, Creativity, Inc.