A Design Brief

Builders Collective

Exploring how we can imagine, design, and build the future together.

Scope and Focus

The scope of this project is to imagine, design and build a platform for documenting the work of a collaborative creative community with a focus on reimagining, redesigning, and rebuilding our social architecture. The focus is on building a community rather than a physical artifact, in keeping with the vision to build leaders to design a resilient society. We start by building the resilience of individuals, developing healthy communities, with the vision of transforming society. The model is to create events to generate awareness and explore the possibilities of human imagination, to run workshops to engage people in participatory design, and to commit to projects to effectively collaborate together to build an inclusive, sustainable, and just way of relating to the living systems that we are a part of.

Project Background

How might we think about the big picture of how people can participate in the design of our physical world in a way that recognizes the challenges of living in a metaphysical world of social, economic, and political relationships? In the past, these relationships have had a tendency to devolve into systems of abuse, exploitation, and domination. By recognizing how things can go wrong, we can learn from the wisdom of the past to avoid making the same mistakes, we can imagine new models of social, economic, and political organization to make the present models obsolete, and we can participate in the restoration of the living ecosystems of the earth to create a future of inclusivity, well-being, and justice for the generations to come and for all living things.

High-Level Design Goals and Objectives

  • Build a visual design system, prototype and design experiences, and envision service design opportunities and processes for the builders collective that can work across a variety of media, channels, and touchpoints to invite people to build personal resilience, to build resilient communities, and to build a resilient society.
  • Research the opportunities to build networks of co-creation and collaboration by creating a platform to document what people are learning, how they are connecting, and why they are engaging in the work of social transformation.
  • Launch a platform which may include a podcast, a magazine, and a website to promote events, workshops, and projects focused on the subject of resilience.

Key Features

  • A prototype for Resilience magazine
  • Websites for Social Architecture, Design Influences, and Builders Collective
    • socialarc.com
    • designinfluences.com
    • builderscollective.com
  • A podcast for the builders collective about resilience
  • An app design for creating habits of resilience, empathy, and harmony: Minimalist Journal

Brand Message

  • BLDRS: Building leaders to design a resilient society
  • Imagine — Social Architecture: Reimagining our common life together.
  • Design — Design influences: Inspired by the past. Shaping the future.
  • Build — Builders Collective: Exploring how we can imagine, design, and build the future together